Troll Slo Pain

Travis Ragan Aka Troll was born in San Luis Obispo, California and raised in Denver Colorado. He’s been actively involved in the underground music scene since 2006. As Troll is a major supporter of the underground music scene he knows how to become a valuable asset to any company or event that he works with, always striving to give up and coming artists the opportunity to perform live on stage. As a full time bar manager and talent buyer for a venue, The Roxy Theatre, a premier all ages venue located in historic downtown Denver, Travis excels in maximizing all potential sources of revenue.

Troll is co-owner of Strong Survive Promotionz, an aggressive talent buying/promotional company in Denver. He is the lead Talent Buyer and General Manager for The Roxy Theatre, venue with excellent sound, lighting, and a full bar. His knowledge of the music industry has helped build the venue to its current status as a serious competitor to the other venues in Denver.

Aside from all the work Troll puts in the music industry, he is also a lover of animals.  His passion for the bully breed is parallel to none!